Thursday, August 2, 2012

7 Job Posting Strategies That Guarantee Results

Job postings are undeniably one of the most effective methods for sourcing, recruiting and finding top talent. Here are seven job posting essentials to help you get increased returns from your job posting investments: 

7 Job Posting Strategies That Guarantee Results

SEO is Vital. Target industry–specific career keywords to ensure your job listings get noticed by the right candidates. Listing the job title, city and qualifications as part of keyword combinations have been known to be effective. The idea is to drive targeted candidate traffic to your job opening and not the unqualified masses.

Be Detailed. Avoid Fluff: Make sure your ads are clear, straight, and convey in depth all the job duties and responsibilities without giving irrelevant details.

Give Familiar Job titles: Do not use fancy job titles that candidates are not really familiar with. Use titles that are most easily understood and ones that candidates will be able to relate to easily.

Don't Promise the World: While it's important to talk about accomplishments and present day activities, you most certainly need to avoid making any predictions for the future or high flying promises.

Posting Strategy: Do your Research. Post your jobs on the right job sites and in the right categories. Refresh the jobs at appropriate frequencies.

Talk about Compensation: While it may not really be possible to give accurate compensation details, you should consider giving the compensation range along with information on bonuses, commissions and other perks. This will surely ensure increased responses to your postings.

Let People Recognize Your Brand: Placing your logo on your job postings enhances your credibility and brand value. Candidates are likely to apply to jobs if they see the company as professional and one they can trust.