Thursday, June 5, 2014

4 Conspiracy Theories Matt Cutts Wants to End

There are quite a few different SEO myths out there that just won’t seem to go away, so Cutts addressed some of these in a video. He talked about four of the most popular:
  1. You will have higher organic rankings if you pay for Google AdWords. He also discussed how the opposite of this theory is just as prevalent (that you will rank better in organic if you don’t buy ads).
  2. Google changes its algorithm so people will be forced to buy ads. It make sense that Google wants you to buy ads and if you have low traffic, then you will be more apt to buy these ads. Of course, Cutts explained that this is very far from the truth.
  3. The latest black hat fad will help you rank. Cutts wants people to think for themselves and stay away from the latest fad about what is going to make you rank. Black hat tactics will never help you rank.
  4. SEO tools will always help you. There are quite a few tools out there that claim to do it all and guarantee you’ll rank number one. Unfortunately, many can get you penalized.
Cutts ends the video by saying that it’s important to realize Google’s goals and then align your strategies with those goals. This will help you differentiate between a myth and a fact. It’s not about money for Google, it’s about giving the searcher the best possible results.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

HostGator Cyber Monday Coupon 2013 - Don’t Miss Your 60% Discount

As you all know, Cyber Monday is one of the best occasion for those who are interested in online shopping in day-to-day life. The special comes as a continuation of Thanksgiving Day in United States, and it is perhaps the most superb time to grab desired products and services through online platforms. Nevertheless, just like many web service providers, HostGator has also come up with an awesome way – HostGator Cyber Monday Coupon. When you make use of HostGator Cyber Monday coupon, you would be able to get a discount of 50% or 80% on the whole order!

HostGator Cyber Monday Coupon 2013

It sounds quite great to us, and we hope the news would give you the same expression of amusement on your face. Therefore, indeed, the HostGator Cyber Monday coupon is quite useful, because, once you have applied this coupon on your order, you will have to pay the half of required payment. For instance, if you apply the HostGator Cyber Monday Coupon on your order, in which you have to actually pay an amount of $500, you can grab a discount of 50%, and hence you will have to pay just $250.

In addition to what we said, the HostGator Cyber Monday coupon becomes even awesome when you know that the deal can do the magic of giving you a 80 % discount on some specific situations. As you can already guess the possible effect of such a huge discount, we are not going to say much more about the 80% discount deal from HostGator, regarding Cyber Monday 2013.

Do you still want to wait to get an awesome web hosting service, by spending the half or lower than the half? If not, use the following link to check out the HostGator Cyber Monday coupon and to avail maximum discount while buying your favourite shared hosting, VPS or dedicated server!

Friday, February 1, 2013

10 Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic

  1. Spread the Word - Tell your customers, family & friends about your site.
  2. Optimize for Search Engines - make sure people can find you on Google.
  3. Update Regularly - keeping your website content fresh gives visitors a reason to come back.
  4. Use Your Social Network - post your site to Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn whenever you update your content.
  5. Start a Blog - a blog is an easy way to regularly add new content to your site and attract and build repeat visits.
  6. Add a Facebook Like Button - so your visitors can easily share your website with their friends.
  7. Promote Your Site - add a link to your email signature, include a link to your site when you post to forums or comment on articles.
  8. Start an Email Newsletter - use it as a tool to bring visitors back to your website.
  9. Get Reciprocal Links - swap links with other websites that have a similar audience to drive free qualified traffic.
  10. Try Pay-Per-Click Advertising - drive targeted traffic to your website.